Insurance Services

Today you can insure yourself for pretty much anything- even your pets! Insurance is vital to protect your family’s wellbeing. However, a large premium makes it hard to get ahead financially. We look at the whole picture to create a comprehensive, cost effective and relevant insurance proposal to meet your needs free of charge. As you pass different milestones in life we will review and adjust your cover to suit you.

Life Insurance

If you have a large mortgage or a young family then you should consider taking out life insurance. In the event of untimely death or a terminal illness, your family will be protected by paying out a lump sum which you can use to reduce the mortgage or replace the deceased’s income.

Trauma Insurance

Trauma, such as a heart attack or cancer, can strike anyone, at any time. Trauma cover pays out a lump sum when you survive a major trauma. This can be used to reduce your mortgage, cover medical costs, lost income or whatever you chose. Modern medicine means people are surviving major health issues more often. However, most people only have limited sick leave or holiday pay. Trauma cover is designed to take the pressure off financially while you take time for your health to recover.

For a comprehensive list of covered conditions please contact us.

Income Protection & Mortgage Protection Insurance

It’s accepted practice to insure your house, car, contents and other assets but one of your greatest assets is your income. If you fell ill and couldn’t work tomorrow how would you pay the bills, mortgage and provide for your family? Income protection can pay out most of your monthly income (for both salaried and self-employed people) and mortgage protection can pay the mortgage each month.

Medical Insurance

Unfortunately our public health care system can be over loaded and long waiting lists are common. Medical insurance for medicine and surgical cover can ensure that if you do need attention you are seen to as soon as possible. We deal with companies that will provide world class healthcare and leading edge drugs that are not currently government subsidised. Also in some cases if the private healthcare system has a waiting list they will fly you to Australia to get the treatment you require.

Getting medical insurance early means you can have full cover for any subsequent conditions that may arise as you get older and your health changes.

House & Contents Insurance

Full replacement house insurance is required by the bank when you have a mortgage. If your house was damaged or burnt down it would be re-instated to its current specifications. We can arrange cost effective cover which pays for accommodation while your house is being rebuilt and avoids financial hardship. If your contents were damaged, lost or you were burgled we can help with contents insurance to cover your possessions.

Case study – Trauma Insurance

One middle aged client had a heart attack. Luckily she survived and had trauma cover which paid out $100,000. The money paid off the mortgage on her personal home which then meant she had the equity to purchase a rental property for retirement.

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