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Buying any type of property is a large investment of money, time and effort – researching on the internet, going to open homes and finally finding the right house for you. We put in those same hard yards to find a mortgage that suits your needs best. For most people like yourself, buying a house will be one of the largest commitments you make in your lifetime – so the mortgage you choose can be an even greater commitment.

Interest only, revolving credit, fixed term, reducing limit, Low Equity Premium, break cost. We can explain the jargon and arrange a loan that suits your life style. We help all sorts of people with different backgrounds, situations and goals from all over New Zealand with quality, unbiased, free advice.

First Home Buyer

Buying your first home can be challenging. We can step you through the home buying process from start to finish with handy resources and tips for submitting and negotiating your offer. Plus we’ve built up a core base of reliable and trustworthy real estate agents, lawyers, property valuers and building inspectors we can put you in contact with.

Saving for a deposit is hard for anyone, particularly if you’re trying to set up a household with furniture and appliances, student loans, a young family and graduate/ apprentice wages or recently immigrated. If you don’t have much of a deposit we still have lenders which can let you buy a house with a 5% deposit or even nil deposit with the help of family or friends.

Different types of property have different requirements for each lender. Apartments, company share and lifestyle properties are different compared to a standard suburban standalone house. Before you start looking at open homes; we can make sure you’re fully informed and can offer a free, no obligation chat about the process ahead and steps to take.

A pre-approval is an indication from the bank of how much they will lend to you. Having your mortgage pre-approved can give you more confidence when looking at open homes as you have a better idea that you can purchase the property. It can put you in a stronger position when you make your offer, as the one thing a seller can’t control is your ability to get the mortgage finance.


Property Investor

If you’re thinking how to get started in property investment or already have a sizable portfolio and are looking for your next project we can help. ‘A Better Mortgage’ are seasoned investors in residential and commercial property and have helped clients in Wellington and around New Zealand build wealth through property.

We look at all your finance options to help maximise cash flow and allow flexibility for future purchases. We can put you in contact with experienced property accountants to advise on appropriate ownership structures – given the new tax laws – and have access to property managers to take care of the day-to-day running of your investment property.



Looking for a better deal, trying to release equity or time for a change?

Often you will wonder if your bank is really giving you the best deal and whether or not your loan is really reducing. As your loan is often your largest weekly expense; we will come and see you and review your home loan free of charge.

You can then see which bank and structure works best for your personal situation. We will provide you with the best deal so that you can pay your loan off quicker. This is a free service and can potentially save you tens of thousands dollars or more.


Debt Consolidation

Car loans, personal loans, credit card debt, hire purchases can really hurt your cash flow. If you have enough equity in your house we can look to consolidate your other debts onto your mortgage to help free up money and pay them off faster and save high interest costs.


Construction & Renovation

Arranging and managing construction finance is vitally important to ensuring a smooth and timely build which isn’t held up by finance issues. We can help with a top up on your existing mortgage or a pre-approval with a full fixed price contract. Installing a new kitchen and bathroom, adding another bedroom or perhaps you want to start afresh and build your dream home.

Particularly, during the construction of a new house, we will co-ordinate with your builder to ensure that there are no hiccups in the building process. We can look to ensure that you do not suffer the biggest setback in construction- running out of money. This is important whether or not you have a small deposit or a substantial amount to contribute to the project.

Case study – First Home Buyer

One couple had a young family and steady jobs. However they had a lot of credit card debt, a personal loan and car loan which was preventing them from saving for a deposit. With the help of family we were able to consolidate their short term debt onto the mortgage and help them into their first home. By structuring the loan efficiently and paying the loan down they have been able to get a loan top up to pay back the majority of the family member’s deposit assistance within two years.

Case study – Investor

One investor client had ended up with a number of mortgages with expensive building societies due to his relatively small personal income. We were able to come in and refinance him to a main stream lender to free up his equity to not only do renovations to improve his cash flow but have a facility available to purchase his next property.

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